Voyageurs Camp Stove

Lightweight, Compact and Easy to Use Stove for Camping, Canoeing and Backpacking

Lighter and Easier to pack than traditional camping stoves, and easier to use than a typical backpacking stove


Compact: 1/10 the packed size

The Voyageur Stove packs down to 1/10 the volume of traditional camp stoves. The stove packs away in a durable, heavy duty ballistic nylon carrying case, making it easy to pack and transport.


Light: less than half the weight

Made of lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum, the Voyageur Stove is less than half the weight of traditional full-size camp stoves, while still providing a full, two-burner cooking surface.


Easy To Use: prep, cook, clean

The Voyageur Stove provides a spacious and enclosed cooking surface, and can be easily set up or taken down in just a few minutes. The back can be laid down to serve as a food prep surface or serving table.


The Voyageurs Stove fits in my food pack easily. Two burners in one spot is awesome. Light weight, takes very little space and is easy to set up. 

Kim A. - 20 years camping experience, BWCA guide since 2003

The Voyageurs Stove is perfect for the groups I lead. Perfect fit for my pack - no bigger than a griddle!

Rachel S. - 25 years camping experience, BWCA guide since 2009


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