Pull Start Fire

Pull Start Fire

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Start your fire in any weather, with any wood.

Whether it’s snowing or pouring rain, no matter how wet or frozen your wood, PULL START FIRE simply and safely starts your fire – every time.

Eco-friendly and safe for cooking, a single PULL START FIRE burns 2.5 times hotter than all the rest – and lasts a full thirty minutes.

Whether you are camping, vanning, Rv’ing, hiking or lighting a patio fire, this lightweight firestarter takes the hassle out of starting your fire. With PULL START FIRE you can get on with the good stuff.

✓ No matches or lighters
✓ No kindling
✓ Lights wet wood
✓ Windproof (200+ mph)
✓ Rainproof
✓ Up to 2.5x hotter than leading brands
✓ Burns for over 30 minutes
✓ Multiple built-in safety features
✓ 89% recycled material
✓ Package size: singles and 3 fire starter pack. Each Firestarter is 1”x2”x5”
✓ Each Firestarter weighs 4 oz.