***Voyageurs Stove is now available with your choice of stands***

Key Features

Most Compact and Light Weight Dual Burner Camp Stove Available


The Voyageurs Stove packs down to 1/10 the volume of traditional camp stoves. The stove packs away in durable, heavy duty ballistic nylon carrying cases, making it easy to pack and transport & light weight.

With the burners removed, the stove folds down to a thickness of only 3/8" making it easy to slip into the back of your pack.


Compatible with Multiple Fuels


The Voyageurs Stove utilizes light weight isobutane cartridges for 10,000 BTU/hr of heat per burner.  With the use of adapters, the stove can also be fueled with standard propane.  The use of isobutane cartridges does not require any adapters.  See our store for the appropriate adapters.


Integrated Food Prep Table


Simply flip down the sides and back to create a table that can be used as a serving surface or prep table.  Add a cutting board and chop away!