Voyageurs Oven Kit

Voyageurs Oven Kit

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Add this Voyageurs Oven Kit to your Voyageurs Stove and let's get baking! Now you can cook and bake.  Bake biscuits, muffins, pizza, bread, cobbler and more.  

The Voyageurs Oven Kit includes a heat-reflective fiberglass fabric enclosure, baking rack, stainless steel heat diffuser plate, thermometer and ballistic nylon carrying case.  

Designed to fit both Voyageurs Stove with Integrated 10" Stand and Voyageurs Stove with 28" Tall Stand.  Voyageurs Stoves sold separately.

Note: For previously purchased Voyageurs Stoves, a 5/8" diameter center hole needs to be drilled into the bottom of the Voyageurs Stove.  This will ensure optimal heat distribution required for the oven.  This center hole can easily be drilled using a 5/8" diameter spade drill bit.  You can do this yourself or mail your stove back to us and we will drill the hole and send it back to you at no charge with your order of a Voyageurs Oven.  

Folds flat and packs to 12"x 22"x 3/4" @ 4.5 lbs.

Made in Minnesota.  

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